Members of the Month

May 2017 – Joe Oropeza

April 2017 – Amy Bickel

March 2017 – Alex Nguyen

February 2017 – Chelsie Yoshioka

January 2017 – Brittany Sterling

December 2016 – Rima Baliga

November 2016 – Joaquin Quintana

October 2016 – Fred Gonzales

September 2016 – Brett Friedman

July 2016 – Tuong Phan

June 2016 – Andrea Mariani

May 2016 – Amanda VanMatre

From the start, Amanda expressed a true passion for primary care that is rarely seen in anyone. As a first year pharmacy student she fearlessly took on the daunting task of re-building and recruiting for the medication access group. Not only was she successful but she thrived and has persevered as she traversed some major barriers involved in her projects. In addition, Amanda has shown the mark of a true leader which is evident when her passion and professionalism is shown on every member of her workgroup. We look forward to seeing her future projects as she continually strives to improve and maximize patient care at DAWN.

April 2016 – Kumar Patel

Hardik Patel, or Kumar as most know him, has been an essential asset to the Care Coordination team. He embodies what we hope all volunteers strive for – he is driven, kind, hard working, and above all else, a leader. When things need to get done, he never hesitates to jump in and even helps teach new comers how they can best assist. He is the definition of a team player. Kumar shows proficiency in patient-provider communication with excellent interpersonal skills he makes the patient feel comfortable while also helping the provider feel confident in his ability to care for their patient. This month alone he has been recognized for his comprehensive documentation, continued participation, and leadership skills. This is why Kumar is a new Care Coordination Workgroup Leader as well as this Month’s Member of the Month.

March 2016 – Matthew Applegate

February 2016 – Deanne Bihler

Deanne Bihler is an exemplary member of Primary Care Progress. Most students wait to contribute until they are competent to volunteer in their school’s workgroup. Deanne didn’t let that hold her back. She joined testing and started sharing her phlebotomy skills (and her veins) with other students. Fast forward a few months and Deanne has taken on co-leadership roles in the testing group and the supply group. Of course she shows up to volunteer in the nursing student role and goes the extra mile by helping to orient new nursing students. And unlike the majority of PCP volunteers who study at Anschutz, Deanne commutes to the clinic from the nursing school’s south campus in Parker. If everyone brought this much energy to the clinic, we’d need to be open another night.