DAWN Visioning Team

Visioning Team

Kari is a family medicine physician who in her day job is co-director of the medical student education program in the UC Department of Family Medicine, and practices outpatient medicine, inpatient, and obstetrics at Denver Health and Universty of Colorado Hospital. She is passionate about leadership, education, and models of improving community health. At DAWN she focuses on mentoring the development of women’s health programs, the research and evaluation team, and interprofessional student leadership.
Kyle is an incoming medical student in the class of 2021, and has been woorking at the DAWN Clinic since November 2014.
Miles is a medical student graduating in 2020 and one of the student directors at DAWN. Prior to medical school he also volunteered as a Spanish interpreter at DAWN. He is passionate about providing care to those that need it most. As a student director he is in charge of overseeing clinic managers and specialty workgroups.
Matthew Applegate is a medical student and will graduate in 2018. Prior to starting shool, he was a research coordinator at Denver Health in the Neurology division coordinating stroke and epilepsy clinical trials. Matt’s hobbies include computer building / rebuilding and web development. Matt joined the HIT workgroup and the DAWN Clinic in January 2015.
Joseph is a fourth year pharmacy student completing a year long longitudinal roation at the DAWN clinic. Prior to being accepted for the longitudinal rotation Joseph was involved in the leadership of DAWN clinic in a multitude of capacities including: testing work group leader (1/2015 – 1/2016), Procurment division chair (1/2016 – 1/2017), and assortment of other projects he helped with. Joseph, continually strives to advocate and imrpove patient centered care within the interprofessional care model.