DAWN Команда концептуального видения

Джозеф Джонсон, Медицинский директор

доктор. Джозеф Джонсон является внутренней медицины врач, который в своей повседневной работе служит низким уровнем дохода, хрупкая пожилых людей на InnovAge в Lakewood, Колорадо. Он стал одним из основателей DAWN клиники с Dr. Мадер в 2015 и с тех пор служил в качестве медицинского директора. Его основная роль заключается в обеспечении высокого качества, ориентированной на пациента уход к каждому пациенту, который ходит в дверь на рассвете. доктор. Джонсон также служит в качестве помощника политики в области здравоохранения сенатора Рхонда Филдс, который служит в качестве председателя службы Комитета по здравоохранению и человека в Колорадо Сенат штата. Эта пропагандистская роль работает для того, чтобы ее компонент в Авроре имеют доступ к медицинской помощи они нуждаются. доктор. Джонсон живет в Idledale со своей женой, Кот, щенок, огородный.

Кари Мадер, Ассоциированный Медицинский директор

Kari является семейной медицины врач, который в своей повседневной работе является содиректор программы образования медицинского студента в UC отдела семейной медицины, и практика амбулаторной медицины, стационарное, и акушерство в Денвере здравоохранения и Университета Колорадо больницы. Она страстно о лидерстве, образование, и модель улучшения здоровья населения. На рассвете она направлена ​​на наставничество разработки программ по охране здоровья женщин, исследование и оценка команды, и межотраслевое руководство студента.

Салли Гарсия, Медсестра клиники менеджер

Рене Джонсон, Студенческий директор

Рене аптека студент окончил в 2021 и один из студенческих директоров в DAWN. Ранее она принимала участие с планированием группы и безопасностью и управлением рисками групп, а также быть менеджером клиники. Как директор студенческого, она отвечает за контроль менеджеров клиники и качества и безопасности деления.

Alex Nguyen, Студенческий директор

Alex is a 4th year medical student graduating in 2021. He has been involved with DAWN since 2016, previously serving as a MD/PA/NP workgroup leader, the Sub-specialties leader, and Primary Care Division Chair. As a new student director, Alex hopes to help lead the Primary Care services at DAWN and foster stronger inter-professional relationships within DAWN as well as with the surrounding community.

Alex Ho, Студенческий директор

Alex is a Student Director who has served at DAWN for the past 3 years. Through his various positions as Care Coordinator and eventually the workgroup co-lead, Alex has come to appreciate the time and dedication that goes into fostering Aurora’s well being. As a Student Director, he hopes to not only continue serving the patients at DAWN, but also supporting the amazing student volunteers who dedicate their time to Aurora’s wellness

Josten Overall, Студенческий директор

Josten is a rising 4th-year medical student who will be graduating in 2021. Josten has been involved at the DAWN Clinic since her first year of medical school, serving as a co-leader of the Pulmonology Workgroup, as a clinic manager, partnering with the Community Leaders of DAWN (CLD), and now joining the student director team. As a new student director, Josten looks forward to partnering with Darean to oversee the Specialty Care division and will also support pre-health collaboration and mentorship opportunities at DAWN.

Darean Hunt, Студенческий директор

Dung Le, Председатель Отдела по первичной медицинской помощи

Andrew Pham, Председатель Отдела по первичной медицинской помощи

Andrew Pham is a medical student graduating in 2021 who grew up in Aurora, Колорадо. He has volunteered with DAWN throughout medical school and previously served as one of the MD/PA/NP workgroup leaders. In this role, Andrew hopes to continue supporting workgroup leaders and spearheading projects to better serve our community.

Майкл Миллер, Председатель Отдела по качеству и безопасности

 I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2017 with a bachelor of arts in Biochemistry and am currently studying Global Health Epidemiology at the Colorado School of Public Health. I work at the Altitude Research Center in the Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care where I study human physiologic changes which occur at high altitudes and additionally volunteer for the Diamond Peaks Ski Patrol in Fort Collins, Колорадо. I began at DAWN in 2015 as a registration volunteer, then moved up to a registration workgroup leader and front manager, and now am the Division Chair of the Quality and Safety division of the clinic. The patients we see at the clinic and the community surrounding this area of Aurora have inspired me to work with the clinic for so long and create the most welcoming environment for patients to receive the care they need.

Кэти Палмер, Председатель Отдела по качеству и безопасности

Katie is an Integrative Physiology undergraduate student at CU Boulder. She is also a Scheduling workgroup leader and Clinic manager with DAWN clinic. Katie’s time with DAWN has fostered her dedication to providing healthcare for all and developed her passion for primary care. Outside of the clinic, she works at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and does research in otorhinolaryngology.

Courtney Pos, Председатель Отдела по координации пациента

My name is Courtney Pos. I’m from Chicago, IL. I received my bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science from Indiana University prior to moving to Colorado to complete my PharmD here at CU Anschutz. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and attempting all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer!

Shengh Xiong, Председатель Отдела по координации пациента

Shengh Xiong is a post-undergraduate and professional research assistant at the University of Colorado School of Medicine – Department of Psychiatry with association in several clinics at the Children’s Hospital Colorado and the PROMISE Clinic (OB/GYN Clinic) at the University of Colorado Hospital. She currently researches with Project CLIMB (Consultation Liaison in Mental Health and Behavior)an integrated behavioral health service offered to children and families in an urban residency training pediatric primary care clinic.Her research is within the areas of infant, adolescent, and maternal mental health and well-being. She has been involved with DAWN clinic since September 2015 as a Registration volunteer and joined the Visioning Team in 2019 to enhance her knowledge and leadership skills in primary care while preparing for graduate/professional school. In this role, she hopes to be the representative for the patient coordination workgroups, in order to ensure the best and most efficient ways to provide care to all patients and team members of DAWN clinic.

Брендан Тхаммарат, Division Chair for Sub-specialties

Brendan Thammarath is a first year physician assistant student in the Child Health Associate/ Physician Assistant program at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. He is part of the Urban Under-served Track and hopes to serve his community as a primary care provider after graduation.

Hunter LaCouture, Division Chair for Sub-specialties

Hunter LaCouture is a first year medical student from Franktown, Колорадо. He is in the rural track program and is looking forward to practicing medicine in a rural location after his training. As a co-director of sub-specialty nights, he is excited to help the clinic run smoothly.

Annalise (Anna) Grammerstorf, Division Chair for Sub-specialties

Annalise is a physician assistant student in the CHA/PA program who will be graduating in 2022. She is a co-director of subspecialties and is looking forward to helping subspecialty nights run smoothly so we can best serve our patients at DAWN.

Сэмюэл Меррилл, Division Chair for Sub-specialties

I’m a first year medical student originally from Alpine, UT. I developed a passion for working with underserved populations over the 2+ years I spent volunteering with underserved individuals in Hawaii and Western Samoa. I’m excited to continue serving and help subspecialty nights run smoothly.

Каден Паркс, Division Chair for Sub-specialties

Kaden Parks is a first year medical student from Utah. After living in Mexico for two years he is fluent in Spanish. He is a member of the LEADS track that focuses on leadership and patient advocacy.

Шаста Малый, Школа фармации представителя

Shasta Small is a pharmacy student at the University of Colorado and a lifelong volunteer. She is passionate about primary care, community health, and patient education. With DAWN clinic since 2017, she has served in Diabetes Education, the Primary Care Progress team, and the Community Leaders of DAWN. She hopes to pursue a Masters Degree in Public Health in 2021. An Aurora resident since 2016, her favorite thing about the community is its rich cultural diversity.

Дженнифер Стоббс-Вергара, Школа зубоврачебной медицины представителя

Jennifer is a second year student doctor at the School of Dental Medicine. A Colorado native, she enjoys fishing and camping when she is not in the clinic. General dentistry is Jen’s passion, and she loves the positive impact that DAWN has within the Aurora community in which she grew up.

Диана Эльмейдуби, Школа зубоврачебной медицины представителя

I am a second year dental student inspired to serve and help others in community. I am excited to be part of the DAWN clinic, and I want to help bridge the gap in health disparity in the US by starting to volunteer at DAWN. I am fluent in Bosnian, Serbo-Croatian language and I am happy to serve my community. I am passionate about dentistry, specifically Endodontics specialty, and I hope that I will find my place at DAWN and make a difference for our patients. I want to promote the importance of the oral health and provide a safe place for patients to come. I want to listen to patient’s dental needs, address them and find a solution to their problems. Thank you for providing me a platform to educate, learn and help. I hope to see you soon!

Juan Carlos, LGBTQ + представитель

Hi! My name is Juan Carlos Lopez and I am one of the leaders of the DAWN Clinic’s LGBTQ+ night. I am a second year pharmacy student wanting to specialize in pediatrics and psychopharmacy. I enjoy helping people through tough times in their life and I want to be as helpful as possible by being the best clinician I can be.

Пейдж Хольц, LGBTQ + представитель

Халима Hamidu, Представитель Участие общественности

Халима является соруководитель рабочей группы Участие общественности и руководство команды для рабочей группы диаобразовательной. Она приводится в движение от идеи расширения доступа к медицинской помощи для тех, кто экономически и социально маргинализированных. Она возбуждается на помощь в налаживании более тесных отношений между местным сообществом Aurora и клиники DAWN.