約瑟夫·約翰遜, 醫療主任

博士. Joseph Johnson is an internal medicine physician who in his day job serves low-income, frail older adults at InnovAge in Lakewood, Colorado. He co-founded the DAWN Clinic with Dr. Mader in 2015 and since that time has served as the Medical Director. His primary role is to ensure high quality, patient-centered care to every patient who walks in the door at DAWN. 博士. Johnson also serves as a health policy aide to Senator Rhonda Fields, who serves as the Chair of Health and Human Services Committee in the Colorado State Senate. This advocacy role works to ensure that her constituents in Aurora have access to the health care they need. 博士. Johnson lives in Idledale with his wife, cat, puppy, and vegetable garden.

卡里馬德爾, 副醫務總監

卡里是一個家庭醫學醫師誰在她的日常工作是在家庭醫學系加州大學醫學生教育計劃的聯合主任, 和實踐門診醫藥, 住院, and obstetrics at Denver Health and University of Colorado Hospital. 她熱衷於領導力, 教育, 改善社區衛生和模型. 在黎明,她的重點是指導婦女健康項目的發展, 研究和評估小組, 和跨專業的學生領導力.

薩莉·加西亞, 護士診所經理

Renee Johnson, 學生處長

Renee is a pharmacy student graduating in 2021 而在黎明學生的導演之一. She has previously been involved with the scheduling group and safety and risk management groups as well as being a clinic manager. As a student director, she is in charge of overseeing clinic managers and the quality and safety division.

取景器英里, 學生處長

Miles是一個醫學專業的學生畢業 2020 而在黎明學生的導演之一. 此前醫學院,他還主動為西班牙語翻譯在黎明. 他熱衷於那些最需要提供護理. As a student director, he is in charge of overseeing the primary care division and leadership development.

Alex Ho, 學生處長

Nick Arlas, 學生處長

Josh Ferreri, Division Chair for Primary Care

Josh is a medical student graduating in 2020 and serves as one of the Primary Care Division Chairs at DAWN clinic. He is incredibly passionate about serving his community and believes DAWN clinic’s mission and goals align with his own. He has served as a volunteer with both the MD/PA/NP workgroup as well as the Care Coordination workgroup in the past. As a Primary Care Division Chair, he is in charge of helping to oversee those workgroups classified as Primary Care and to facilitate conversation between these workgroups and DAWN leadership to continue to push DAWN’s vision forward.

Alex Nguen, Division Chair for Primary Care

Alex is a medical student graduating in 2020 and one of the Primary Care Division Chairs. He has previously served as both the MD/PA/NP workgroup leader and the Subspecialties leader, as well as acted as a student director on specialty clinic nights. Alex hopes to use his past experience to improve the clinic’s medical services in his new role leading the Primary Care Division.

Kristine Yee, 司主席質量安全

Michael Miller, 司主席質量安全

Grace Han, 司主席患者協調

Thomas Clemens, Division Chair for Patient Coordination and School of Physical Therapy Representative

Danielle Davis, Division Chair for Subspecialties

Jessica Monishi, Division Chair for Subspecialties

Jessica is a medical student graduating in 2022. She has prior experience volunteering for free clinics in Southern California, her hometown. As Division Chair for Subspecialties, she is responsible for overseeing each of the subspecialty work groups and ensuring that these nights run smoothly.

Shasta Small, School of Pharmacy Representative

Riley Johnson, School of Dental Medicine Representative

Margeaux Black, School of Dental Medicine Representative

Margeaux is a dental student graduating in 2021. She is a co-leader of the dental workgroup and enjoys providing care and education to the patients at DAWN Clinic.

Ignasis Gutierrez-Beasley, LGBTQ+ Representative

Lizzie Ambros, LGBTQ+ Representative

Halimah Hamidu, Community Engagement Representative

Halimah is a co-leader of the Community Engagement workgroup and a team guide for the Diabetes Education workgroup. She is driven by the idea of increasing access to healthcare for those who are economically and socially marginalized. She is excited to aid in fostering closer relationships between the local Aurora community and the DAWN clinic.