Workgroup Leader Roles and Responsibilities

As a workgroup leader you are expected to:

  • Fulfill 6-month to 1-year (preferred) commitment
  • Organize and conduct regular workgroup meetings
    • Provide meeting minutes to division chair
  • Demonstrate progress on workgroup tasks
  • Work with a co-leader to ensure there is always someone available to manage workgroup issues
  • Provide feedback to division chairs on members and co-leaders
  • Maintain open communication with division chairs
    • CC division chairs on all relevant emails
  • Respond to emails in a timely manner (recommended within 24-48 saacadood)
  • Ensure that you, your co-leader, or a substitute member of your workgroup attends all DAWN Leadership Meetings
  • Participate in review process
    • 1-month review conducted by division chair
    • 6-month review conducted by visioning team
      • May occur earlier than 6 months if an issue arises
  • Provide 30-day notice before vacating position
  • Provide a warm handoff to incoming leader