DAWN Workgroups

Primary Care Division

Alex Nguyen and Josh Ferrari

Division Chairs for Primary Care


Dental volunteers serve every Tuesday in the primary care clinic. Volunteers will screen patients for cancer and perform intra-oral and head and neck exams to determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. After collaborating with the attending doctor the volunteers will then provide education and the appropriate referral that best suits each patient.

Dental workgroup leaders serve as the liaison between the volunteers, dental preceptors, Dental Lifeline, and the DAWN clinic. They ensure that there are volunteers scheduled for each night and that patients are referred to and followed up upon after each appointment. Workgroup leaders will recruit other dental professionals to become preceptors and actively search for new resources, supplies, and equipment to better serve DAWN patients. They also collaborate with other dental students and the different health professions within the DAWN clinic to help provide opportunities to expand DAWN and foster future relationships.

  • Margeaux Black, Workgroup Leader
  • Riley Johnson, Workgroup Leader
  • Simone Favor, Scheduling Liaison
  • Brooke Martinez, Dental Lifeline Liaison
  • Bushra Omar, Safety and Risk Management Liaison

MD / PA / NP

MD/PA/NP volunteers serve as student providers in the weekly primary care clinic on Tuesdays. Volunteers collaborate interprofessionally to treat patients with acute medical concerns or chronic diseases. Tasks include taking patient histories and performing physical exams, discussing cases and developing plans with attendings, providing preventative health education, writing patient notes into the EMR system, and coordinating patients’ care plan.

  • Ellen Rhodes, Workgroup Leader
  • Andrea Mariana, Workgroup Leader/Scheduling Liaison
  • Alyssa Shepherd, Workgroup Leader/Preceptor Recruitment

Nursing (RN)

Nursing students are an integral part of treatment teams every Tuesday night at Dawn. We work interprofessionally with MD and PA students in assessing and gathering patient information including medical and social histories and medication reconcilliation. We perform basic and focused assessments and collaborate on presenting reports and developing a care plan for patients with our interprofessional team member and preceptors. Additionally, our volunteers are present at the triage station where they assess vital signs on each patient. Nursing students play a large role in educating patients about current and new diagnoses and serve as advocates for patient-centered care.

  • Chloe Elder, Workgroup Leader
  • Megan Meyer, Scheduling Liaison
  • Kendall Peterson, Safety and Risk Management Liaison
  • Alex Schaplan, Workgroup Leader


Pharmacy students will be present in the clinic every Tuesday night. First year students are able to shadow second, third, and fourth-year students but are unable to volunteer directly at clinic. Second-year students work at triage with interprofessional teams to ensure medication reconciliation is performed on all patients as well as administer immunizations to patients in need. Our third and fourth-year students work with the interprofessional student teams and preceptors to provide medication recommendations and counselling for both acute and chronic disease states

  • Hallie Zhang, Workgroup Leader
  • Pengsue Yang, Workgroup Leader
  • Cecelia Nguyen, Workgroup Leader
  • Sarah Jallen, Safety and Risk Management Liaison
  • Stephanie Early, plánovanie
  • Tanya Daughtry, plánovanie
  • Tracie VanHorn, CIIS Administrator

Fyzická terapia

Workgroup leaders on the PT side manage all of the PT workgroups and serve as a liaison between PT and PCP/Tuesday nights. Clinic Directors are responsible for managing the PT night managers, student volunteers and quality improvement for PT nights.

  • Nica Jacobson, Workgroup Leader
  • Meagan Swisher, PT Clinic Director
  • Amalia Iwasaki, PT Clinic Director
  • Amanda Wambach, Safety and Risk Management Liaison
  • Maddie Burns, Workgroup Leader
  • Trevor Dalton, Workgroup Leader

Diabetes Ed

Diabetes Education works to support Type 2 Diabetics, identified within the Aurora patient population, through our presence in the clinic, and education regarding nutrition, exercise, and medications outside of Clinic nights. We work closely with groups within the community to identify high-risk pre-diabetic groups, working closely with ADA in providing access to Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP) and free exercise courses. Diabetes Education has a specialty night on the 3rd Monday of every month.

  • Kathryn Lamberton, Workgroup Leader
  • Shasta Small, Workgroup Leader
  • Emily Gammill, Safety and Risk Management Liaison

Health Equity

The Health Equity Workgroup focuses on how we can be intentional about providing patient-centered, population-aware, and culturally humble care for our patient populations. Our current projects include partnering with Denver Public Health and Rocky Mountain CARES to provide TB testing and treatment, HIV testing, and PrEP counseling to all of our patients. Our future projects include implementing Cultural Competency/Humility training for all volunteers at DAWN, improving our training for volunteers working with interpreters, and making DAWN a more LGBTQ+ inclusive care environment. We welcome student volunteers and faculty mentors from all disciplines and backgrounds.

  • Josh Miller, Workgroup Leader (TB/HIV)
  • Alecia Morgan, Workgroup Leader (TB/HIV)
  • Denis Ohlstrom, Workgroup Leader (Cultural Competency)
  • Ivana Vasic, Safety and Risk Management Liaison

Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health team at DAWN focuses on a co-visitation model in supporting our medical collogues in recognizing and screening for any mental and behavioral health risk factors. Some may dismiss stressful or emotional concerns in the face of unknown medical symptoms. Our team strives to recognize how medical symptoms relate to biological, psychological, and social factors in patient’s health care. Our team is in the clinic every Tuesday night and schedules follow up visits with individuals as needed.

  • Ethan Banner, Workgroup Leader/Safety and Risk Management Liaison


Danielle Davis and Jessica Monishi

Division Chairs for Subspecialties

The MD/PA/NP, nursing and pharmacy volunteers work under DAWN’s network of subspecialist providers seeing patients during the monthly specialty care clinics. Subspecialty workgroups provide exams, consultations, testing, and support to patients with related acute concerns or chronic diseases.

Dermatology: 1st Monday

The Dermatology workgroup provides consultations, exams, and testing for patients concerned skin, hair, or nail abnormalities. We perform punch biopsies, excisions, steroid injections, skin scraping, etc.

  • Sophia Hu, Dermatology Workgroup Leader
  • Sophia Wolfe, Dermatology Workgroup Leader

Cardiology: 2nd Wednesday

The Cardiology Workgroup provides consultations, exams, and testing for patients concerned with their cardiac health.

  • Elijah Finer, Cardiology Workgroup Leader
  • Roxana Tabrizi, Cardiology Workgroup Leader
  • Amir Jaberyzadeh, Cardiology Workgroup Leader
  • Emmanuel Seyoum, Cardiology Workgroup Leader

Ophthalmology: 3rd Monday

The Ophthalmology Workgroup work with patients with any complaints of acute or chronic vision disturbance or loss or are diabetic/pre-diabetic. We perform eye exams and vision testing for, prescribe prescription lenses, and diagnosis and treat eye diseases (glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts) or provide referrals for surgery if necessary.

  • Conan Chen, Ophthalmology Workgroup Leader

Women’s Health: 3rd Wednesday

The Women’s Health / Reproductive Health Workgroups aims to provide the Aurora population with Women’s Health resources including Contraception, Family Planning Services, and OB-GYN Specialty services through contacts and organizations already available within the community.

  • Katie Ganser, Workgroup Leader
  • Stephanie Cung, Workgroup Leader
  • Alex Prekeges, Workgroup Leader

LGBTQ+: 4th Wednesday

  • Lizzie Ambros, Workgroup Leader
  • Ignasias Gutierrez-Beasley, Workgroup Leader
  • Ryan DiGuglielmo, Safety and Risk Management Liaison

Patient Coordination Division

Thomas Clemens and Grace Han

Division Chairs for Patient Coordination

Care Coordination

The role of the Care Coordination workgroup at the DAWN Clinic is paramount as we ensure that patients understand the next steps in their care, receive follow-up care, and are able to connect with the appropriate referrals. As patientsfirst point of contact with the DAWN Clinic, Care Coordinators also check-in with patients about follow-up screening tests and appointments. A large part of our services involve connecting patients to housing, food, employment, insurance, tobacco cessation, alcohol cessation, etc. services in the community. By ensuring efficient acquisition and sharing of patient records, our workgroup establishes partnerships and referral systems with local community organizations.

  • Beatrice Guillermo, Workgroup Leader
  • Elyse Handley, Workgroup Leader
  • JJ Ready, Workgroup Leader
  • Courtney Kauffman, Safety and Risk Management Liaison


The registration workgroup at DAWN Clinic works at the very front line of the clinic. We are there to welcome patients, assist with registration/check-in process, and make sure they feel at home throughout their visits.

  • Grace Han, Workgroup Leader
  • Michael Miller, Workgroup Leader
  • Hunter Schumaker, Safety and Risk Management Liaison


Scheduling has two important roles:  1) Managing the master schedule for each clinic night, a 2) Onboarding and welcoming all new volunteers. All individual workgroup schedules go through Scheduling so that volunteers who attend clinic can be coordinated for shifts at DAWN. All new volunteers are welcomed and oriented initially through Scheduling as well, including community members, working professionals, and students. They receive their volunteer paperwork/immunization forms and are guided through choosing workgroups.

  • Khoa Nguyen, Workgroup Leader
  • Katie Palmer, Workgroup Leader

Quality and Safety Division

Kristine Yee and Michael Miller

Division Chairs for Quality and Safety

Interpretation Services

  • Veronica Hernandez-Ramos, Workgroup Leader
  • Caterina Zagona-Prizio, Safety and Risk Management Liaison

Community Engagement

As the public face of the DAWN clinic, the Community Engagement workgroup acts as liaisons for DAWN among our patients and community partners. Community Engagement aims to better integrate the DAWN clinic into the surrounding Aurora community by developing connections between DAWN and community organizations. Ultimately, we aim to create an expansive body of resources for our patients and cultivate an environment at DAWN where patients feel more autonomy over their health.

  • Gia Zoller, Workgroup Leader
  • Halimah Hamidu, Workgroup Leader

Health IT

Responsible for administering Practice Fusion, DAWN Phone and Fax services, the dawnclinic.org website and email systems, and other technical issues for the clinic.

  • Vincent Wysocki, Workgroup Leader

Long Term Outcomes Research

Conduct research studies evaluating DAWN’s care and impact on patients and volunteers. Oversee all research projects within DAWN via the DAWN IRB. Provide consulting support to other workgroups on their projects.

  • Jessie Barclay, Workgroup Leader
  • Lexie Pratt, Workgroup Leader

Safety and Risk Management

  • Amanda Charlton, Faculty Liaison
  • Emily Dorgan, Clinical Student Liaison
  • Nasim Dehkordi, Clinical Student Liaison
  • Grachelle Gonong, Undergraduate Student Liaison

Procurement Division

Testing and Supplies

  • Alex Vail, Workgroup Leader
  • Garrett Breazeale, Safety and Risk Management Liaison
  • Laurel Darrah, Workgroup Leader