Patient Information & Services

Tuesday Night – Medical & Dental (manya Only)
This is our free clinic night. Mun bayar da wannan rana ziyara daga 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Idan ba ka da alƙawari, za mu ganin ka a kan wani farko zo, farko bauta tushen. Dawn is an interprofessionally run free clinic and is staffed by medical students, likitoci, pharmacists, jiki therapists, nurses, social workers,and mental health professionals.
3rd Tuesday of the MonthSpecialty Night (manya Only)

Specialties Offered

  • Dermatology: We provide consultations, exams, and testing for patients concerned with skin conditions (rash, itchiness, irregular growths, warts, cancer concerns), hair loss or other issues, and abnormalities in nails (discoloration, pitting).
  • Ophthalmology: We work with patients with any complaints of acute or chronic vision disturbance or loss or are diabetic/pre-diabetic. We perform eye exams and vision testing for, prescribe prescription lenses, and diagnosis and treat eye diseases (glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts).
  • Pulmonology: We provide family-centered pulmonology services which include lung function testing in symptomatic patients along with evaluation and treatment of chronic lung conditions (asthma, bronchiolitis, emphysema, COPD).
    In certain cases, pediatric patients can be seen by our Pulmonology team. Please call to inquire about the details.
  • halin tababbu: We provide comprehensive mental health evaluations, medication management, and support for patients. We also treat conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, attention-deficit disorder, trauma, personality disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental health conditions.
  • Mata Lafiya: We will help connect you to community partners for OB-GYN services such as contraception, family planning, pre-natal care, gynecological surgical needs, and screenings/ diagnostic exams (i.e. Mammograms, Pap smears).

If you have any related concerns and think you may benefit from one of our services, please come on in!

Laraba Night Clinic – jiki Far (By Appointment Only)
The Dawn Clinic yayi Extended jiki far ayyuka a ranar Laraba da yamma. Muna ganin marasa lafiya daya-hour alƙawura kimanta kuma ku bi sabon raunin da kullum zafi al'amurran da suka shafi, samar da dubawa motsa jiki da tsare-tsaren, da kuma inganta motsi da kuma aiki.
The doctoral students of physical therapy are trained to meet the needs of patient care in the follow areas:

  • Injury management including diagnosis and treatment of sports, work, home or motor vehicle accident injuries throughout the body.
  • Acute or chronic pain management such as low back pain, neck pain, or chronic pain and stiffness in the joints.
  • Sensory, balance and fall risk evaluation and treatment for patients with balance or coordination issues, a history of falls or fear of falling, or sensation or muscle weakness problems.
  • Treatment for those having difficulty complete tasks of everyday living such as walking, work, and household chores to improve function.
  • Diabetic feet care and wound examinations, and strategies to prevent chronic sores and wounds.
  • Treatment and strategies to improve clearing the lungs and training strategies to improve breathing in those with chronic lung conditions.
  • Evaluations and treatment of symptoms such as dizziness, spinning, vertigo, and sense of motion at rest.

In addition, a wellness program is being planned to provide weekly exercise programs such as yoga, aerobics training, and meditation to achieve personal fitness goals. We will provide updates as this program develops. (NOT SURE IF THIS IS STILL BEING DEVELOPED?)

The DAWN Clinic provides free testing and medical imaging services to qualified patients whose medical care will be enhanced by laboratory or imaging results. Laboratory specimens are collected by trained students at the clinic and processed by the University Hospital Clinical Laboratory. Results are faxed back to the clinic and patients contacted for follow up appointments.
The DAWN Clinic has certain testing equipment that produce immediate results, which trained clinic volunteers may use to help make important healthcare decisions. Examples of these include:

  • Lipid panel test for cholesterol
  • Blood sugar test for diabetes
  • HIV tests
  • Strep throat and influenza tests Finally, the DAWN Clinic has relationships with local radiologists for patients needing medical imaging results including X-rays and MRIs. If student volunteers identify you as a patient who needs one of these tests, we will work with you every step of the way to have the test performed and the results communicated back to you.

Za ka iya gani a wannan free asibitin idan ka:

  • Shin girmi 18
  • Ba su da kiwon lafiya inshora (ciki har da Medicare / Medicaid)
  • Live in Original Aurora.
Wa zai zama naka?
Za ka ga wani dalibi na farko, sa'an nan kuma wani lasisi bada. Some specialized services are available, amma ba mu bayar da tiyata ko wasu m hanyoyin.
Za mu iya kuma taimaka da:

  • insurance rejista
  • Health Education
  • Kewaya kiwon lafiya da tsarin
Walk-ins are suggested to arrive at 5:30 PM.
We see patients Tuesday at 6:00 PM & 7:30 PM. Patients are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment.
Location and Transportation
Dawn waje 1445 Dayton St., Aurora, CO 80010
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The asibitin ne m via 10 kuma 15 bus hanyoyi da aka located a Dayton St tsakanin Colfax Ave da 14th St.
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Ta yaya zan iya yi alƙawari?
Don Allah a yi amfani da tuntube mu samar ko kira 303-800-9677 to tambaya game da alƙawura.